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About Airsoft

Airsoft is a very safe activity when proper equipment and rules are used. The plastic BBs typically bounce off the skin or protective gear. A BB can certainly cause pain and injury and may leave a mark or welt for a day, but the velocity at which these replicas fire is low, typically in the range of between 270-400 feet per second.

All replicas are tested by chronograph before a game to determine that their velocity is within field limits, and are not allowed in the field if they shoot in excess of the fields FPS limits.

Most injuries in Airsoft usually result from tripping and falling, due to the intense physical activity of the game. We strongly advise every participant to wear full face mask protection while eye protection is a MUST in all our events.

The MOST severe injury can be to the eyes so you are NOT allowed to remove your goggles at any time during the field of play.

Another injury concern is the ears. It is unlikely a BB can enter the ear canal and cause injury, but there is the potential. Teeth have been lost to a BB. So again, a full paintball styled mask with small slits or openings which will prevent a BB from entering is best. Other solutions would be a mouth guard, balaclava or shemagh.

Again, all under 18, MUST wear a FULL paintball styled mask. Our FPS limits and procedures are in place to ensure attendee's safety and we cannot bend those rules as they are set by the insurance company policy.

You need, at a minimum, the proper safety equipment, a replica model and BBs. Safety equipment (at minimum) consists of a pair of full-seal goggles or paintball style mask (BattlegroundZ offer goggles for rent) (No open toe shoes). Other Suggested safety equipment includes above the ankle military/police style boots, gloves, knee/elbow pads, mouth guard, and balaclava or shemagh protecting your teeth, face and ears. Shorts, Capri pants or other attire worn which exposes any area of the leg is not permitted.

Airsoft is a tactical, military-simulation game similar in many respects to paintball. Its origins are traced to Japan who were the founders of our sport and initial manufactures of all Airsoft replica models. Players use highly realistic-looking replica models of real firearms (rifles and handguns) to shoot small soft plastic BBs at each other. When hit, a player calls themselves out, and follows the rules of the game. In this way, the game is dependent on the honor system.

The games effectiveness relies heavily on this discipline. Game types can range from simple force on force games of a few people, to complex objective based scenarios, comprising hundreds of players. Games missions and objectives can be based on real life scenarios with basis in real live military or law enforcement action. Airsoft replica weapon models, gear and dress are more military or "real life" counterparts. There is a rank structure for the events and a chain of command. Most are mission based and not a "run and gun" styled event.



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