Frequently asked questions


Laser Tag makes for a great birthday party. Be sure to make your reservation.

Q. Do I need a reservation to come in and play laser tag?
A. No. You can walk-in open to close 7 days a week and play laser tag. However, the general public will need to stop playing, or wait to play FOR APPROXIMATELY 30 MINUTES when birthday parties are scheduled. You can call ahead and we will be happy to tell you the best times to come.
Q.What days are paintball played?
A. We offer paintball on
   Monday: 3pm-10pm  
   Tuesday: 3pm -10pm
   Wednesday: 3- 10pm
   Thursday: 3pm -10pm
Friday: 12pm - 6pm & 6pm - 12am
   Saturday: 9:30-2:30 & 8pm-12am
   Sunday: 9:00am - 1:00pm, 1:00pm - 5:00pm & 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Q. What days are airsoft played?

A. We offer Airosft on
   Monday: 3pm -10pm  
   Tuesday: 3pm -10pm
   Wednesday: 3 - 10pm
   Thursday: 3pm -10pm
    Friday: 12pm - 6pm & 6pm - 12am
    Saturday:9:30-2:30pm, 3pm-8pm & 8pm-12am
    Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm & 5:00pm-9:00pm

**Please see theEVENTS page for special hours of operation for holidays, summer,  and school vacations.


Q. What is airsoft?
A. Airsoft is much like paintball with the main difference being the projectile.
An airsoft gun releases a small plastic BB instead of a ball of paint. Many types of senerios are played in both sports. Read more from our home page when clicking on each sport.
Q. How old do you have to be to play laser tag?
A. We suggest 5 and older. A younger child may play also if accompanied by an adult. The adult could wear the vest, and the child can still shoot the laser.

Q. I have 11 guests attending my child's party. Should I book a Standard or an Economy?
A. An Economy package is for 8 guests, the Standard is for 15. Wouldn't it be fun for your child to have you, or an aunt, or uncle etc.. play laser tag too! Book the Standard package and have the adults split up the extra rounds the "guests" don't need. Have some fun too!!!

Q. I want to have my child's laser tag party at BGZ, but I don't have many guests. Do you have another alternative?

A. Yes, we have a couple of ideas for you! Our smallest laser tag party package is for 8 guests. A guest can be anyone, a parent, an aunt, an uncle, etc. So if you have anyone else attending the party, that person can take the spot of a guest. Or, we have a Family Fun Pack for $59 that includes 20 games of laser tag, and 40 arcade tokens. You can purchase 1 or more of these and split it up amongst your group however you'd like.

Q. How long is each round of laser tag?

Each round of laser tag last for 7 1/2 minutes