Splatmaster is paintball with guns designed so kids (and adults!) can easily cock, load, and fire them.


Now offered to participants 7 years or older, this activity can be played in a more relaxed fashion than paintball. The guns used to play are engineered so kids (and adults!) can easily cock, load, and fire them. The projectile is a lighter, smaller ball (.50 caliber vs .68 caliber) that shoots at a slower speed than traditional paintball guns (120fps vs 250fps), therefore the impact to the body is much less. Our balls are not filled with paint so there is no mess to your clothes or belongings.

How to Play

Ages 7+. The games played here range from a basic “Raise the Flag” that consists of two teams trying to eliminate each other by hitting all of the opposing players with a ball while striving to raise their teams’ flag for a victory, to more strategical games that have an objective to complete while trying to “stay alive”. Most games use a respawn so reentry into the game after being hit is immediate after spending only a few seconds in the respawn box.

What is it Like?

Projectile Pain
Skill Level


Full Session – Available via POP and POP Jr.
Includes unlimited games for 4 up to hours!

3-Game Pack – $20  |  5-Game Pack – $25
All games are 10 minutes long.

Both game options include all required equipment.

Equipment Required

All required equipment for this game (gun, unlimited ammo, facemask, and chest protector) is included.

  • Splatmaster gun
  • Ammo
  • Full face protection
  • Barrel blocker
Splatmaster Kids Paintball Rhode Island
Kids Paintball in Lincoln, RI
Splatmaster at Battlegroundz
Paintball Kids Parties Rhode Island

Splatmaster Hours

Winter Season (09/04/2018)

  • Mon thru Thurs – Reservation Only
  • Friday – 4pm to 10pm
  • Saturday – 10am to 10pm
  • Sunday – 10am to 10pm

Summer Season & Holidays (starts 06/18/2019)

  • Mon thru Thurs – 12pm to 10pm
  • Fri – 12pm to 10pm
  • Sat- 10am to 10pm
  • Sunday – 12pm to 10pm

Splatmaster Events Coming Up


No Events


No Events

Suggested Attire

  • Gloves
  • Balaclava or Shemagh (Scarf)
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Pants
  • Baseball cap worn backwards

For Your Safety

A waiver must be completed to participate in this game. Prior to entering the arena, a staff member will escort you to our safety briefing area where you will watch a 4 minute video, listen to a thorough explanation of the game rules, and learn about arena safety and how to use the equipment. Any questions or concerns will be answered during the safety briefing.


Pay One Price Jr.

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$28* for 4 Hours of Play – Unlimited Games!

*Price per person.
Full Pay One Price also available for access to more activities. Click for availability.